Most Common Investment Blunders to Avoid

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  • November 28, 2018

We’ve all kicked ourselves after making the wrong moves with our money. When developing your investment strategy and considering what you should do with your money, be sure to avoid some of the most common investment blunders we see.

Follow Trends

Whether it’s the latest industry taking the investing world by storm or the new hot company that has tons of people talking about it’s spectacular performance, do your best not to follow investment trends. If word has already begun to spread, it’s likely that the window to scoop up a stock before it peaks has long since closed.

Make Uneducated Decisions

If you don’t have a strong grasp of the business you’re investing in, you are immediately opening yourself up to making an uneducated investment. Instead of taking a major risk, give consideration to an industry or business you are well-versed in. Use your knowledge to your advantage and leverage it to find your niche within that expertise. Your pulse on the industry will give you an advantage in recognizing periods of boom or bust.

Emotionally Driven Decision Making

It’s common to fall in love with a particular company and brush away all of the warning signs telling you to sell the stocks. Keep your fundamental investment principles in mind and your emotionally driven decision making in check. If the stock hasn’t performed as well as it has historically, assess the factors that could be impacting its performance. The last think you want to do is lose money because you’re overly loyal to any one company.

Stay away from investing trends, ensure that you’re making education decisions and don’t led emotions get the best of you. Avoiding these three common investment blunders we’ve outlined will go a long way in managing a savvy investment strategy.


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