Budgeting Basics: How to Stay on Track

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  • September 11, 2019

Whether your income is big or small, a budget keeps you on track and allows you financial freedom to achieve goals in the long-term. One mistake we often see clients make as they build wealth, is to stop adhering to a budget, so here are 5 simple tips we recommend for helping you stay on track in managing a budget and building long-term wealth:


  1. Calculate your Income.

Budgeting all begins with knowing how much money you bring in from various revenue streams each month, so make sure to calculate your income to know how much money you are truly working with each month. If your income fluctuates, underestimate by a small percentage to give you a cushion.


  1. Review Receipts Regularly.

Make a habit of keeping your receipts and then taking time out of your month to review your spending habits. You might be surprised to know that you spend more on groceries or eating out than you expected! Being aware of your spending habits allows for adjustments to suit financial goals.


  1. Plan Ahead.

Are there larger expenses looming? Home maintenance, special occasions, and holiday spending are all areas we often see clients leave out of their budgets. Have a plan for these larger expenses so you aren’t caught off guard when they arrive.


  1. Loosen Up.

Don’t make your budget so rigid that you aren’t allowed to splurge here or there! Allow wiggle room for indulgences that allow you to enjoy the wealth you are building.


  1. Double-Check your Tax Withholdings.

When was the last time you evaluated your tax withholdings? It’s important to re-evaluate on a regular basis – especially as life changes occur – to make sure you are maximizing your monthly cash flow.


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