3 Savvy Steps to Building Financial Stability

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  • December 3, 2018

Building financial stability involves taking small steps consistently, so that before you know it you’ll look back and realize you’ve reached a level of financial stability you’re comfortable with. Financial stability represents taking control of your financial future, investing it so that it’s working for you, and managing your money responsibility so that the money you are making makes a big impact.

Invest Strategically

A cornerstone of financial stability, investing strategically ensures that you’re protecting your future self. Whether that means growing a stock portfolio, making consistent investments to your retirement accounts, or both – investing strategically (and consistently) will ensure that you spend less time worrying about money and more time enjoying it as you age.

Budget Consistently

It may seem like one of the more manual and annoying aspects of building financial stability but creating a budget that you abide by is one of the most basic ways to take control of your money. Start with allocating money to your living expenses and work your way down to discretionary spending such as entertainment and travel. Without a budget, it’s easy to let discretionary spending get out of control and limit the funds you have available to save, invest, and donate.

Use Credit Responsibly

The temptation to pay for something with your credit card when you don’t quite have enough in your checking or savings account is almost a sure-fire way to guarantee that your credit card bills will get out of hand. Every billing cycle, you should be sure to pay your credit card off in full, it’s not to be relied on for unexpected expenses.

By investing strategically, budgeting consistently, and using credit responsibly, you’ll be well on your way to building financial stability for yourself and your family.


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